Words (This song was not written for you)

Once I gave you my words
And I know it doesn’t mean much to you
But they are the most intimate part of me
And I gave them for free

Forget about kisses,
skin contact lasts but one fleeting moment
Forget about loving,
claiming my body
for yours
As you held me down
shielding my eyes from the truth

The only thing that truly means something
is the sacred spring of light in me
That keeps reforming my soul into these words
Fragments of heaven, I suppose

First you may gain my attention
Then my interest
My trust
My loving
My devotion
And then, last of all, you may have my words
‘Cause I have no greater gift to give
Than the art of purity

But you threw my bloodstained thoughts away
Like the pickings of yesterday
Said I wasn’t worthy of your time
And what I loved wasn’t mine

So wipe away your bitter tears
My words are not meant for your ears
You threw the first rock, and now I see
I’m the one that was set free

– Malicia Frost


4 thoughts on “Words (This song was not written for you)

  1. Omg, helt amazing! ;__; Alltså på något sätt så kan jag relatera till en del av innehållet (särskilt känslan) så jag blir ju helt galen! ;_; :3 C: Du e bara såå talented! Kan inte låta bli att kommentera! ;D


  2. Åh va fint! Det berörde mej också! ❤ Superbra. alltså de e så mycke ja sku villa uttrycka nu, men ja hittar int orden… Jag tror jag kanske förstår tanken bakom dikten… och de e mycket djupsinnigt. :3 Återigen är jag väldigt imponerad!


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