Apart (Between two worlds)

As I lay silently

All wrapped up in motionless decay

Still breathing but not existing


You called out my name and asked;

“What’s wrong, my dear?”

“I’m missing my soul,” I said


“Have you seen it? A blunt, fragile thing hiding between the letters of

an unfinished tale

Caught in the thoughts of illusory beings

Riding the emotions of inkstained pages

Savouring the outspoken divinity of it all”


You glanced at me grievously and said;

“If this is the place where your heart belongs,

why won’t you let it stay there?

Why do you choose to return to this wrecked settlement

time after time, over and again?

It must feel awful to be torn away from the things you love

Repeatedly, as if caught in a ghoulish perpetual machine”


“Oh dearest,” I answered and laughed your frown away

“The strings of my mind drizzle deep,

but nothing captivates me more

than your evershining light of your eyes

Guiding me between the worlds

as beacons over endless seas.”


– Malicia Frost 

 I don’t know what to caption this with. It’s just a very strong feeling I have right now. When a certain amount of days have passed since I had time to sit down and write, I enter a state of waking coma where I no longer feel in touch with my soul. Now, as I type these words, I can finally find peace within and remember who I truly am.

Thank you, light of my life, for your understanding and tenderness. You know who you are.

 Love always.







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