To whom it may concern

(picture source unknown)

(picture source unknown)

I returned last night

To the place my nightmares are built of

From time to time I wander

trough those endless corridors of shame, self-loathing and fear

Hearing no cries of reliance from the outside world

They all have stopped caring for me

because I have worn these chains for too long

Nails buried in my foot pads

making each step more painful than the previous

Leaving a trace of bloodstained dignity behind me as I wander

I shall fear no evil

For it’s all around me

Faces screaming, laughing, feeding of my leaking veins

A primal circus

Where I am the caged one

I walk not trough the valley of the shadow of death

but an ironic paradise where every second is torture

I wake up from another night of terrors

Just to find that they were real all along

That years of my life were stolen, raped

Another treasure never to be recovered

Another innocence boiled in blood


 To whom it may concern, I’m still recovering from the hell you put me trough. It haunts me in my dreams to this date. It has shattered the idea of who I am. It has made me question my right to exist at all.

To those who hurt me, and to those who watched. After three years of therapy I am still not fixed. I struggle on every day.


– Malicia Frost


8 thoughts on “To whom it may concern

  1. Åååh va fantastisk text Henna! 😮 väldigt djup och berörande. Jag fick nästan rysningar. De e så beundransvärt hur stark du har blivit. You go girl ❤


    • Åh tack Malin, glad att du tyckte den var berörande ^^ den blev väldigt personlig, och jo, nu när du säger de kommer jag själv att tänka på hur stark jag blivit och de är nästan skrämmande (på ett bra sätt) 😉 Desamma gurl, o håll utkik efter hardcore män! :3 😉


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