Dearest mind ( A Love Poem)


Dearest mind, I hate you.

Hate how you fill my days with fear and agony

By projecting brutal, bloodstained visions and emotions on my numb consciousness 

Trying to make me believe they’re real

and part of me


Hate how you force my thoughts into these repetitive patterns

Never giving me a minute of peace

I hate how you pull the strings of my emotions

Making me feel everything so deeply

Turning each drop of rain into a flood


Oh but dearest mind, I love you

Love how you think and resonate

Keeping a stand against this intruding disease

Attempting to take the place of my reason


I’m in love with the stories you tell

To keep my sanity at bay

I love the sentences you brew

so deeply I write them down to own them forever


I’m in love with your love, with your care and passion

Your endless patience and devotion

I’m proud to be yours,

beautifully severed mind

And so we go forth

inseparable ’til death


– Malicia Frost








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