Purgatorium part 1, The Dreamer


(c) Malicia Frost


The night is too still
Her clothes too cold
Heartbeat too slow
Nightmares too bold

Beside her is a shadow
A decade of unspoken longings
White stain on her heart, cold breath in the dark
Incomprehensible for the deafened mind

Outside the walls of her prison cell the world rages on
It’s battles for might and justice inconvenient to her
She has nothing to hold but a feeble hope
Of someday waking up
To a world less real than this

But tell me, fabled one, I beg of thee –
Am I dreaming you, or are you dreaming me?
One of us must be false, so the other can be free


This is the first part of what’s becoming a series of poems with simple illustrations to match them. I am currently trying to process the darkest part of my life into understanding, and I feel this is really helping me to do so.
The main character is a girl. She doesn’t have a name, but I call her OneWinged, since obviously she only has one wing on her shoulder. It’s not enough to fly, but just enough to let her dream of it. 

Ps. This is a story of the past. I do no longer find myself in this condition, thank heavens. But as I return to think it trough, I feel the knots of pain loosen up with the ink on the pages.

 – Malicia Frost


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