Purgatorium part 2, Oronar


(c) Malicia Frost

(c) Malicia Frost


”You shouldn’t have come here.” OneWinged’s heart beat more intensely by each second. She knew the appearance of the satyress could mean one thing only.

Something was wrong. Very wrong.

”If anyone sees you here…” she murmured in panic, but was cut off.

”I know.” A dark shadow had placed itself upon Ealys beautiful satyr eyes. It made them seem pale blue instead of their natural, snow white tone. Her horns gleamed in the last rays of the descending sun.

”So trust me when I say that I have good reasons for returning here. I know I promised you to never interfere with your life again, and I’m really sorry to have gone back on my word. But you have to come at once. There isn’t much time.”

OneWinged felt like a cold and sharp stone fell down her throat. She’d known it in the same moment the satyress appeared before her, a figure as soft as a shadow on the flowered wallpaper. She had sensed what was about to come, as a gathering thunder storm.

”It’s Oronar,” Ealys breathed, fulfilling all of OneWinged’s fears. ”He is dying.”



OneWinged whimpered and slowly collapsed against the wall behind her. Every nerve in her body shivered at the name. She pulled in a dry sob as memories started to play in her mind – Oronar smiling, Oronar holding her, Oronar bleeding endless rivers of black on her polyester carpet.

”Why?” she managed to cry out, gasping for breath. Ealys sent her an evaluative gaze.

”I think we both know why,” she said. ”Surely you haven’t forgotten about the warning I gave you. The ancient judgement? Demons are not meant to fall in love with humans, OneWinged. You must be aware that they are not meant to fall in love at all.”



OneWinged’s heartbeats were pulsating as blood rushed trough her veins. She could hear a weak, ringing tune in her ears.

”I’m not a human,” she said weakly, feeling the broken wing attached to her left shoulder. ”I…”

”You were,” Ealys replied, ”and in a sense your still are. Look at you.” She reached out a hand and carelessly wiped a tear from the corner of her eye. OneWinged flickered.

”There’s nothing to be done about it now,” Ealys stated in a seemingly nonchalant manner. ”I only came here because he’s asked for you. If it is your wish to see him one last time, I shall take you back to Purgatorium. This once only.”

OneWinged nodded, her eyes filled with blistering tears. She never meant for any of this to happen. All she had wished from the beginning was for Oronar to be safe. Therefore she had left, even though it ripped her heart to pieces, and therefore she was now back in the place she loathed and feared. Living as a shadow, pretending to be something she was not. All for him.

And all in vain.

OneWinged took the satyresse’s offered hand and closed her eyes, trying not to think of the journey that lay before her, and what she might find at the end. Purgatorium called her back. Oronar called her back. There was a curse between them, a curse so strong it slowly tore him apart.

Who would be cruel enough to call it love?


– Malicia Frost


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