Purgatorium part 3, Never Alone


Twist her daydreams
Tear at her skin
Make her cry
She is never alone

Beats raining on her face
Faceless monsters screaming her name
She projects her mind to another place
Far from the nightmare that has stolen her grace

There are many forms of evil
But I have my own escape
When they come for my soul
I’ll close my eyes and call your name

And as they are scattered on the ground
Lacerated by your merciless claws
I fall into your arms and weep
For one more life forlorn

I know they’ll all be back tomorrow
Reaching for my heart so sore
But come pain, agony or sorrow
In your lair I fear no more

20150521_152419red 20150521_152441red 20150521_152446red 20150521_152456red 20150521_152505red

– Malicia Frost


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