Sacrileges, feed my mind!
Desecration, be here confined!
Today you may feast on my fears
Let the roar of your thunder deafen my ears

As your slick-fingered arms enter my head
My mind fills with images of pain and death
Wake up, pull the trigger, tighten my noose
Twist it thrice so I never break loose

The grave that you’re digging will hold us both
And none shall be there to resist the cold
For we cannot endure, lest one of us dies
And this body is mine, so heed your demise

Watch me rise

You can break free from OCD. It’s important that I repeat this sentence especially now, that I’m again facing a hard time controlling my images and compulsions. I don’t know which is worse, the detailed, gory images of violence and death, or the exhausting compulsory rituals. I have a ghost in my brain and it speaks ALL the time. I can’t make it shut up for one second. It’s also making me think about things i loathe and fear, forcing me to repeat terrible sentences in my head. How do I kill it when it’s living in me? There must be a way.

– Malicia Frost


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