Good news…


I guess it’s about time I announced it. Several weeks ago I received a letter from the publishing agency about the part of my novel I sent there.

The review was positive. They gave me a detailed description of what the strengths of my text was, and what needed to be changed. They also stated that they wanted to read the rest as soon as it had been written.

This is… basically the best i could have hoped for. And I am dazzled. Completely mind-blown.

And scared. Very scared.

They believe in me? That must mean I’m worth something. And that I have a chance. I need only to have the bravery and strength to go trough with it.

Heavens high, may my knees not weaken now. May my determination prevail. May I find my inner force to break trough the expectations of the environment. May I be kind to myself along this journey.

Malicia Frost 


About Malicia Frost

Your local Frankenstein.
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5 Responses to Good news…

  1. Nette :) says:

    You are always worth something my dear, if it works out or not! You are amzing and I am SOOOOO excited for u! 😀 ❤

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  2. johncoyote says:

    I wish you good luck and great success. You are a amazing writer.

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