Growth (Requiem for The Agonized)

(c) Lucy Salgado

“But mother, it’s so painful,” I pleaded
And she answered that nothing beautiful grows without aching
Self-consciousness digs razor-sharp roots
Shedding blood and bone

“When will it stop hurting?” I asked
“Never, darling,” she said
Growth is a lifelong process
Some days, the pain will be next to unbearable
Others you’ll hardly feel it at all
This is the gift of life
Coming with the curse of awareness

I think of her words as I lay in the darkness
Numbed and petrified by anguish
Feeling the roots of the tree scraping at my heart
The sensation of being impaled from the inside

Oh yes, it hurts

But what a beautiful sight to witness
The branches breaching the skin
Growing, nagging, clawing
Reaching for the sun

Sometimes beautiful things are born from the darkest corners of your mind, cradled in blood and tears. Caress the tree growing inside you gently and you’ll never lose who you are.

– Malicia Frost


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