Art inspired by Natalia Drepina


So, since my SO will be gone for several weeks now, I’m trying to cope with the loneliness by drawing. It’s been a long time since I used pencils and colors but it feels good.

This is my interpretation of the work of Natalia Drepina, one of my favorite photographers. I know it’s not very creative to draw out of an already existing piece, but this one touches me so deeply I just had to do it.

It tells the story of a girl suffering from schizophrenia. From her point of view, a little mouse named Ennui is living in her rib cage, close to her heart. The girl turned to herself and began to avoid people more and more, since only then she could hear the tramp of feet and gnashing claws by her bones.

The mouse became her friend. She fed it sad stories and fairy tales to keep it content, but soon that was no longer enough. The starving mouse started feeding on her feelings like joy, sympathy and affection, curiosity, regret and anger, boredom, jealousy, grinding them to dust between it’s sharp teeth.

As she ran low on feelings, the mouse Ennui grew weaker, her squeak becoming quieter and quieter. The girl continued to feed it whispered stories and lullabies. It consumed everything. Every feeling inside her extinguished.

You can see the original set of photos and story here. And the artist’s deviantart gallery here.

– Malicia Frost


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