The Howling

This night has me shackled to the bone
The howls from the outside, I just can’t ignore them
They dig into my feverish skin
Poisoned fangs

The wolf is here now
His eyes glimmering behind the glass
His breath like frost on a summer night

Shut up, shut up, I tell myself him
You are a failure, he tells himself me
You deserve to bleed, didn’t you know?
Tears are just not enough to fight the sickness
I know you’ll come to choose my side

I dig my head into the pillow
Repeat the sentence once again
This is not what I wished for
Not the the original dream
It’s only a barren, moonlit night
Walls of my fever rising high
And beneath them
The Howling

What can I say? Tonight was a rough night. Although I like wolves, The Howling is one you just can’t befriend.

– Malicia Frost


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