The curtain of my dreams has fallen
Nothing but a brief moment in time;
shattering eternity

Once so close to the Answer
I dare not even look at it
Dare not let go, nay, it might devour me
Crushing my frail existence
Into glimmering stardust

So I cling on tight
To this dark, putrid world
I’ve fallen so deeply in love with
Exposing myself to the fear of knowledge
I dare no longer say

Am I real, yet never been?
Am I floating, yet never seen?
Am I mourning what’s never to come?
Have I been waiting for far too long?

This is abut a lucid dream a had a while ago, and been meaning to write about since. In the dream I was floating upside down in an inverted world. The sky above my head was made up of dark, moldy buildings while the ground beneath my dangling feet an endless galaxy full of stars. I was floating on the edge of eternity, it felt, yet I was still tied to earth with the tips of my fingers.

Then the bliss of lucidity entered my mind and I realized I was dreaming. Still, I was scared of hanging there so helplessly, with the entire universe opening up to me, so I dared not stay in the dream for long. Sadly.

Malicia Frost


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