Ode to the sickness

(in chant to him):

Tell me, why only look at me?
Is sickness all you see?
Swollen eyes, weary mind, dead inside?
Forget it, –
I’m more alive than you’ll ever be

How can I be weak and yet wage war inside of me?
Dead limbs don’t fight back, as still minds won’t contradict
There’s a truth between thy lies and thee;
Resistance craves alive, and alive craves me

So this came into my mind after stumbling across the phrase “dead inside”. I realize, despite all my troubles, that is the one thing I could never call myself. Dead inside? Contrariwise. Do you know how alive one has to be to fight? My mind is a war and I am the tireless weapon. I have a hold of my demons because deep inside I know they’re only projections of me, which in turn means I am stronger, faster and meaner than them.
While scary, it’s an utterly relieving thing to perceive how alive one is. So thank you sickness, this ode is to you.

Malicia Frost


About Malicia Frost

Your local Frankenstein.
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  1. Nice, cool picture as well

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