IMG_0931 (c) Malicia Frost

Crippled but not emancipated, sweetest irony
As immobilized I lay, listening to the grass changing color around me
Over and over it withers, dies and decomposes just to stick up its head above the ground again
No Nirvana, No Heaven
No relief beyond this earth

Why am I stuck here? Where is my redemption?
Eternity is sour as the ground slowly devouring me,
concealing the sky from view
The worms gather
I shouldn’t have to witness this!
I was supposed to be somewhere else
Relieved of the bodily cage
I was supposed to be something
than only

This poem contemplates one of my secret fears from an early age – being unable to leave your body after death. What’s even more fearful than the thought of being gone forever is the thought of staying forever.

Cleithrophobia: fear of being trapped or locked in an enclosed space
Photographs are mine.

Malicia Frost


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