I Am: Nemesis; Protector


(c) Malicia Frost

[The Howling] Twisted creature, give into me, I am your only remedy! Scratch the surface and you’ll see, there is nothing left of thee!
[He] Know to tell sense from fright, his’ jaw’s a sharp and frosty bite, but his eyes will wither in the light, therefore he only hunts by night.
[I] Morning’s far away, I fear, and thoughts turn dark when he is near, his wrathful howl my heart won’t spare, he laughs and feeds on every tear!
[He] United as we are, this night will take us far, hold your breath, Purgatorium calls.

So he spreads his wings to take me in, once again I’m in him, and when The Howling emerges to find an empty bed, we’ll be gazing trough a sky blood red, heading for a land unseen by any and all, where the pure virgin snow will soften my fall, a castle with an impenetrable wall, where friends are gathering, I can see them all!

So this quick sketch I drew in watercolors is supposed to represent two of the the contradicting elements in me: The Nemesis, the wolf that haunts me, you may also call him OCD. And the Protector, the part of me that takes the shape of a horned figure, enfolds me to keep me safe, and brings me to Purgatorium, my inner sanctuary of peace. 

Malicia Frost


2 thoughts on “I Am: Nemesis; Protector

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like it! Of course you can, I would be honored. OCD certainly isn’t an easy disorder to deal with, but it’s great to meet people who deals with the same stuff. Lots of strength to you!


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