I am: Fleshchild; Rotborn


Artist: Antonio Diaz

You ache and bleed
As I drag you along with me
And I
Slowly consuming the cage I live in
Self cannibalism for the sake of survival
But no matter how deep I dig
I can’t seem to find a release
We are united in every inch
I gnaw at your skin
And the pain is mine

Could it be that I don’t exist
Could it be that you’re all that’s real
Skin, marrow, bones that wither in time
Cells renewing to eventually die
A lifelong process of decomposition
Canvas of working components never questioning their existence
Anything else just a ghost in the machine

This piece is supposed to describe the two faced experience of being alive – Fleshchild as the earthly skin that carries me, and Rotborn as the conscious thoughts that I fear are destined to rot with my body.

Malicia Frost


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