Trapped in a vortex of thoughts
Where do my own end, and the sickness begin?
Is this real, or just a convulsion of my feverish brain?

I designed this cage, but lost the schematics
Now I fear that I’m the prisoner
And while the floor is tightening around my feet
The walls are expanding
Ever so fast
Exposing my disease

Please, don’t look
This isn’t me
(Of course, I can’t be sure)
My monster has outgrown its leash,
now everyone can see
the ugliness in me

Sometimes I can’t tell which of my thoughts are actually mine, and which ones are generated by OCD. Sometimes the thoughts are so heavy I can’t control my behavior, which will make everyone around me notice. I cannot contain my disease. It affects every person I touch. I am contagious.

Malicia Frost 


5 thoughts on “Contagious

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    • Oh my, your words leave me speechless. Thank you. And yes, actually, I feel a lot of joy in my life. My blog probably highlights the worst aspects since that’s when I need to write poetry to sort out my own feelings. Truth is I really enjoy my life. There’s a lot of beauty in it and I’m hopeful for my future. Thank you again.


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