Mechina series: The Soldier of Earth


“Exiled in orbit
Forced to reflect
On what should have been
Freedom or bloodshed

Assembled in dead stars
While my heart remains on earth”

Mechina – Andromeda


At the moment I am obsessed with Mechinas music and the epic science fiction story it’s telling. It just blows my mind, and I must confess I haven’t been this excited about a story since I read Harry Potter as an ten-year-old. So this painting is dedicated to one of my favourite characters, The Soldier of Earth.

In the year of 2154, The Soldier of Earth fights in the religious war that desolates the planet. He doesn’t believe in any religion himself, but he’s assigned to the Christian force (UNI). He witnesses the day the atomic bombs shatter earth’s civilization to pieces and kills almost all of humanity. The soldier manages to escape together with a small group of people on the spaceship Andromeda.

Having lost everything, the ship sets on into space to find a new home. The Soldier of Earth dreams about a place called the Just City, an utopia where they could live in peace. Meanwhile he is anguished by regret and wonders if he could have done more to save the earth.

Despite all, The Soldier of Earth is still determined that the human race can survive this, and will find a new way to exist. This shall not be the end.

Given my current obsession, you can probably expect more of this series.

Malicia Frost

read more: Mechina wiki


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