Mechina series: Andara

“December 31st, 2154. I’m relaying this message to any inhabitants of Earth. By the time this message arrives, everyone aboard will be in cryo sleep. For some, this is the last opportunity to send a letter home. Not all of us are expected to arrive alive. No one really knew how hard it would be out here. If anyone receives this, send a message in return. I won’t forget Earth. I won’t forget the world we lost.”

Mechina – The World We Lost



Andara is one of the passengers aboard the ship Anicetus which headed out to space prior to earths destroying in search for a new home. She records a final message to anyone left on earth, then she enters cryo sleep with the rest of the crew.

After having slept for 110 years, the ship reaches the planet Acheron. Andara awakes, orbiting in a cosmic sea high above the ground. The journey has been too hard on most of the passengers. Andara hears her companions screaming as they succumb to cryoshock one by one. Andara, too, dies within hours of awakening.

We came from the stars
With hope in our eyes
Fate is a lie
My skin, crystallized
My senses alive
The pain gets me high
Only to be wasted away
Destined to be
A lost memory

Awaken, only to die
For a new life

My bones
The pain
I didn’t come to die
For a new life

Mechina – Cryoshock

Second part in my Mechina appreciation series.

Malicia Frost



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