Status: Impact imminent

Naked, I kneel before the red dawn
My home has turned into a war zone
The nephiliants fallen from the sky
are chasing down the last survivors
Hear them gnaw!
All our courage has been in vain.

No time for prayers anymore
I can feel the heat of the sky pressing down on me
The fire within, scorching my thoughts
The blaze outside, devouring the flesh
I am the blow. I am the impact. I willingly devour myself and my world, over and over. I die to become. I destroy to create. I live to suffer. I forge my own fate.

I’m experiencing a hard and nerve wracking time right now. My manuscript will be turned in by the 18th of this month, and I feel like there’s so much depending on it. It’s threatening me.Β I dreamed last night that I was in the middle of a huge nuclear impact, which is pretty much describing my feelings right now.



10 thoughts on “Status: Impact imminent

      • Oh, I know. I have been focused on becoming better at writing and on developing a habit of writing every single day. I began in March and promised myself I would write every single day and publish whatever I have written (no matter how much I disliked it) for one month. Well, I did it and I’m very glad I didn’t give up!
        I’m currently studying in China, so in the months before I was traveling around and writing sporadically. This month I’m still writing every other day, however due to upcoming exams I have to focus more on my Chinese (but I’d much rather spend my time writing…).
        I haven’t been reading many of the blogs I follow, I focused on me for a while. I’m just getting back to catching up with a few blogs every now and then and I’m glad I’ve stumbled upon your blog today. I’m adding you to my special list so I won’t miss your posts so easily anymore! πŸ˜€
        I am well, thank you. I noticed you wrote about a publisher contacting you, it immediately made me smile and I’m happy for you. Keeping my fingers crossed , you have nothing to worry about!! 加油!(Jia You) as the Chinese say to cheer you on! πŸ˜‰

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      • Yes, thank you. (Sorry for the rambling though, Whenever I’m answering comments on my phone I get carried away and just type and type and type and type…)
        Hm.. Mostly I’ve been sticking to writing poetry, however I’ve also been trying myself at writing short stories, better said fragments of it, baby steps etc. πŸ˜€
        Writing every day also gave me an idea for the SixThreeOne challenges I am now doing on my blog every now and then, where I provide an image and I challenge my interested readers to flex their creative muscle by contributing three six word stories for this image. So while doing this I also fell in love with writing six word stories every now and then.
        So, there is some diversity in my daily writing now, which is absolutely fantastic and I love the challenge of each type. Especially writing short stories, they are completely new to me and I’m learning more about how to write them as I go.
        You’re very welcome Malicia!! πŸ˜€

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      • I really appreciate your rambling so don’t apologize! ^^ I’m sorry I haven’t checked your blog in a long time either, been so terribly stressed out about everything. I would love to read what you write though! Also if you feel like talking I’d be happy to chat with you. Do you have tumblr, facebook or something? Oh and call me Henna, that’s my real name *laugh* :,D

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      • Oh, alright then Henna! πŸ˜€
        I gave up on Facebook and all the other time devouring social media sites, except WordPress of course and my blog related Twitter account. πŸ˜€
        Have you already gotten any news from the publisher? Probably not yet, but I’m super curious. πŸ˜›

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      • Why, that’s strong of you. Most people can’t live without facebook these days it seems, me included :,D No, nothing yet, but it’ll probably show up on my blog when it happens. At first I was so terribly anxious but I’ve calmed down a bit now, focusing on other things for the moment. ^_^

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