Scared Medusa, again

I live in a pool of slithering flesh
Tongues and scales underneath my shaking feet
Each step a leap for survival
I feed my monsters
Only hoping their venom won’t turn on me

I go to sleep each night, hiding underneath my covers, shaking
Sensing creatures approaching me from the corner of my eye
Some of them talk too much
And I can’t can’t can’t can’t sleep

Each night I say goodbye to the world, in case maybe I won’t open my eyes again
Scared, scared Medusa, that’s me
And each morning I wake up, shameful
Cheeks blushing with fury
A burning will to fight again

I write for revenge
(It’s all I know)
And it may not be poetic,
and it’s certainly not beautiful,
but it keeps me alive
Alive! Alive! Alive!
My venom becomes my strenght
My fear my guide
My punches are cold
Like their arms holding me
Yes, I can be cruel
Like an animal threatened
I’ll bite any hand
(Mine too, if I must)
You can’t hold me, nothing can
This world;
my body;
I poison it all
Scared Medusa,



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