Deep hits – a strange tale

I. Sink all night
Our wedding took place at dusk
You wore betrayal like a dress
We danced our tears away
and pretended the earth was burning
maybe, only for us
Should it all end, we’ll celebrate tonight!
Their screams our music
The fire chasing our feet
Until there was no place left for us to thread

II. Death trip
We first met aboard a ship in the Death Caravan
Rushing trough a desert of stars
Heading towards earth, we repeated
Destroy to protect! Destroy to protect!
It seemed odd
When I asked you about it, you laughed and said
But that is how we love things, darling
By slowly tearing them apart
Striking them by force
Making sure we hit them first

III. Nothing personal
Your last bouquet of roses
Smelled of cheap plastic
Stained with muffled breaths
Blood that wasn’t mine
The nights had turned cold,
the sky into a dark animal that dwelt above our heads
It’s gaze burning with the fury of a million wiped out civilizations,
empty nebulae clouds like mourning mothers
Who’d weep for them?
Who’d weep for us?
Your flowers were yellow plastic
Your smile like the thousand suns
that consumed us
the atomic heat,
the flesh-tearing impact
Drew us closer
to the bitter end

IV. Deep hits
Which makes a better tragedy –
A flower withering from age,
or a flower that never blossomed at all?
A fire too fierce, to devastating,
or a fire that never has the chance to spark?
Some loves wither like flowers
Others simply explode
Some worlds are built to devour
Others are swallowed whole
Our home lies desolated
A long journey ahead of us
Still I wake up every night
Aboard the rescue capsule, floating in orbit
To taste the scent
of yellow plastic love
– what a cruel way to fade!



Now this is a rather special piece. This short story is meant to capture a couple’s struggle to cope with the end of their relationship – and, simultaneously, the end of the world. It’s heavily inspired by the movie Melancholia, as well. The titles of the verses are, ironically, the names of various bouquets of flowers (I accidentally came across a picture online and their special names just struck me with inspiration.) I knew I had to write a story using them as title names, and, well, this is how it turned out.



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