As a child, I always dreamed of being weightless
To fly trough each night
in orbit with the stars
Then the lumps started to grow in my shoulders
Making my wings so heavy
And space grew cold and cruel
Devouring life
I learned to love these lumps as beings
Creatures possessing great intelligence and beauty
Attached to me,
they used to hold me down
Now they are all flying with me
As we dream each other away,
far beyond earths grasp
(it’s the only place we’ll really exist)
We’ll give birth to galaxies out there

[Samsara: Deliverance, restoration, or elevation of the natural world to a higher, better state from fundamentally negative conditions, such as suffering, evil, death, or Samsara is known as Salvation or Liberation. Also, a Sanskrit word meaning going or wandering through, undergoing transformation.]



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