Episode 3 – Transcendence


(c) Malicia Frost

[Earlier episodes here]


It was the only time she’d seen a mirror at the facility.
Upon arriving at the gates, they took her to the black room.
The room only visited once.
There was no furniture, no light. Only the silvery glass beaming into the darkness.
That’s where they left here alone. To ponder on her hideous reflection, glowing,
leaving a burning impression on her sore eyes.
They called it the transcendence.

She ran her hands over her body.
Her fingertips had gone black and limp from the disease, lost their sensitivity long time ago.
She couldn’t feel the pain, nor the fiery ache. It didn’t hurt as she touched the blisters, pinched every abscess until it cried yellow ichor.
All her features were distorted, the buboes like lumps of wet flour between her fingers.
Her hand rested on her inner thigh for a brief moment.
She bothered not to check.
She wasn’t a woman anymore.
She was a brief thought stuck in time,
between dead and alive,
with only one purpose.
To prevail.

She wasn’t going to take it. Not go out there as a failure, something for the others to laugh at.
If this was her destiny, it was going to happen her way.
She grasped her brittle skin with both hands, dug her nails in and pulled until it came off in huge slices. The buboes had mainly settled onto her forearms, neck area, thighs and the left side of her face. She tore off all of those pieces, threw them to the floor at her feet. Even with her muscles and veins exposed, it looked better without the ulcers.
She may not be poetic.
She may not be pretty.
But she was one thing.

It’s what’d made her accept Morthanathos’ offer in the first place. It’s why she’d taken the leap, although she didn’t know where it would bring her. It was why she was still standing upright, heart beating in her open chest, skin ripped off her very bones. She was angry.
And anger would be her guide.
Her only way to face the waiting crowd.
She smiled towards the figure in the mirror as she heard
the hushed whisper, perhaps emanating from the other side of the glass.
“Come on. Let’s go be monsters.”


So, this is kind of an in-between episode. I promise the next one to be longer and more “writey”. However, having a hard time balancing school/friends/mental illness with my novel progress as well as all my little side projects. Hope you’re still somewhat happy with this. 




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