From “Innocent” by Shinichi Sakamoto


Connected to four different hospital beds
I hear the black-eyed angels crawling
their tiny feet hammering on the ceiling tiles
like rain
pulling me out of my sleep

The god of sedation rules this place
this funny little gap between time
he serves me comforting lies
sealed in plastic tubing
to muffle their screeches
I think I’m addicted
to my deafness

I trade my dreams for piece of mind
I want to be senseless
with his nails
digging in
my veins open and close
like weary eyes
I have lost my sight



14 thoughts on “Morphazine

  1. There’s something about your work (one of a dozen things), and I think it’s the natural sense of meter, and where the sounds break into new lines or stanzas, it makes the work actually pleasurable to read, like sunshine on the language centers of the brain.

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    • My, sorry for replying so late! Stupid wordpress decided not to notify me of the comments. I’m very flattered you think so. And what a lovely metaphor! I’m glad you enjoyed this and thanks for taking your time commenting as well, I have not exactly been active on wordpress lately. Will try to catch up on SD!


    • Thank you so much. For someone enduring mental illness subjects that are seen as horrific and macabre will actually feel comforting. That’s what it’s like to me anyway. Thank you for taking your time to comment, much appreciated.

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