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18083774_1399831520109623_1963768446_o Drawing (c) Malicia Frost // Henna Sjöblom

I never wanted your understanding
All I need is a mouth
someone who roars louder than me
someone who grabs first and asks not
whether I’m enjoying it
to block out
my own desires
I have chosen to love the monster
I did not ask for it,
I think I’m quite comfortable in here

Being bitten is painful and familiar
I collect his teeth as trophies
like soldiers stacking bullets around their necks
like we used to compare our scars
in middle school
“I think he’s getting more violent,” you whispered
and shivered in terror and ecstasy
over the thought of getting torn apart
at the dinner table that night

my skin has become a topographic map of wars
that were never recorded in history
My anxious fingers wander up to his jawline
and starts deciphering
where the next impact will…

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Art dump #?


So, I decided to make some space on my blog for drawings. This is my latest. Self-portrait.



OC’s. Based on excerpts/headcanons from my book.


Really old ones that you might have seen before.


Also kind of old ones that I’ve never posted.


Some from my sketch-book. The latter, illustration to go with my post Morphazine.



Last one. Anxiety attack, illustrated. Kind of a quick vent-art from this week, which has offered quite a few challenges and breakdowns. As you can see.


All works (c) me.

Reasons not to kiss him


(c) Malicia Frost

Your lips tasted like violence
The last breaths of your victims
lingering on them

I pretended not to notice
Let you bed me
Afterwards, as I lay in your arms
I tried not to listen to the screams
echoing from the outside

Is it better to love evil tenderly
or fight it with loneliness
From a distance your shadow grows taller
Yet nearby it’s homely and warm


This was inspired by a poem I came across online.


The God With The Mortal Complex



Five years old, he knew he wasn’t like the others.
From birth, his first word had been “why”.
His siblings didn’t understand its meaning.
It wasn’t for them.
They knew only to feed and breed, to enjoy their existence but not to question it.
“Why” was a human word.

Ten years old, they told him not to bleed or feel pain.
He rejected this knowledge, using the sharp edges of his halo to cut his rib cage open at night, when no one could see
A phantom death
A trip to the stars
Whose cold light pitied him

Fifteen years old, his siblings wanted to rule the fate of others
While he wanted to rule his own
Exiled, he began to search
For meaning to his endless existence

Teach me, he begged
Teach me to suffer
He started drinking himself to sleep each night
Saw what humans dreamed of
Tasted their tears
Condemned their fears
Fools, he said
As they wept at the sight of death
All I have, you yearn for,
But all you have, I may never gain
Such twisted irony,
that Heaven would not be for gods
And no one will redeem me!

A short story with a quickly made drawing by me.


The Scarecrow


They told him
“The best way to fight your fears
is to become them”
But they didn’t mention
How dark the world would seem
trough his new eyes
Do you truly wish to know?
Who would you be without the fright?

Another painting by me, done in aquarelle markers.


Mechina series: Andara

“December 31st, 2154. I’m relaying this message to any inhabitants of Earth. By the time this message arrives, everyone aboard will be in cryo sleep. For some, this is the last opportunity to send a letter home. Not all of us are expected to arrive alive. No one really knew how hard it would be out here. If anyone receives this, send a message in return. I won’t forget Earth. I won’t forget the world we lost.”

Mechina – The World We Lost



Andara is one of the passengers aboard the ship Anicetus which headed out to space prior to earths destroying in search for a new home. She records a final message to anyone left on earth, then she enters cryo sleep with the rest of the crew.

After having slept for 110 years, the ship reaches the planet Acheron. Andara awakes, orbiting in a cosmic sea high above the ground. The journey has been too hard on most of the passengers. Andara hears her companions screaming as they succumb to cryoshock one by one. Andara, too, dies within hours of awakening.

We came from the stars
With hope in our eyes
Fate is a lie
My skin, crystallized
My senses alive
The pain gets me high
Only to be wasted away
Destined to be
A lost memory

Awaken, only to die
For a new life

My bones
The pain
I didn’t come to die
For a new life

Mechina – Cryoshock

Second part in my Mechina appreciation series.

Malicia Frost