Feral; Fetal

the terror
when you realize
you passed your sickness on to your
bending the walls of life
sending waves

[fetal] child,
no one’s child
cold, cold glass
our cradle

So I kind of wanted to make this small post about my main writing project, which, after the encouraging phone call I received, might actually become a novel. I hope this doesn’t bore people out.
So, in an unspecified future, after the passing of world war 4, humanity has taken the bio-genetics to the next step; designing artificial human beings. Bred in a womb of glass, with no genetic connections whatsoever, these synthetic beings must find a way to survive and adjust into a world whose mistrust and hatred grows by each day. And when they develop a consciousness as well as a will of their own, conflict is sure to follow.

I’m really putting everything I’ve got into this project. The feeling of getting contacted by the publisher with interest in what I’m creating is indescribable. Much work has been put down on this, and much is yet to be done. I’m cautiously hopeful.