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Caged Are you attracted to wounded animals? Come here, sweetie I’ll show you my scars tell you how I’ve suffered to make you get on your knees for me I’m not responsible For your careless desires Do you like it … Continue reading

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Hand in unlovable hand

“I’m sorry I used you again,” I whisper letting the edge of the blade plant shy kisses down your neck then I’ll say “I’ll be gentle this time” when we both know the hate; the echo following me trough the … Continue reading

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Deep hits – a strange tale

I. Sink all night Our wedding took place at dusk You wore betrayal like a dress We danced our tears away and pretended the earth was burning maybe, only for us Should it all end, we’ll celebrate tonight! Their screams … Continue reading

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Parasite (A love story)

[Sensitivity warning: contains strong language, slight gore, implied sex, suicide, angst material in general.]  I see you coming. Your figure blurred in the rain. I’m lying in a pool of water down the street, wrapped in a white cloth. Shaking … Continue reading

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Purgatorium part 2, Oronar

    ”You shouldn’t have come here.” OneWinged’s heart beat more intensely by each second. She knew the appearance of the satyress could mean one thing only. Something was wrong. Very wrong. ”If anyone sees you here…” she murmured in … Continue reading

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Dearest mind ( A Love Poem)

  Dearest mind, I hate you. Hate how you fill my days with fear and agony By projecting brutal, bloodstained visions and emotions on my numb consciousness  Trying to make me believe they’re real and part of me   Hate … Continue reading

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Apart (Between two worlds)

As I lay silently All wrapped up in motionless decay Still breathing but not existing   You called out my name and asked; “What’s wrong, my dear?” “I’m missing my soul,” I said   “Have you seen it? A blunt, … Continue reading

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