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Parasite – A Love Story (Remastered)

[Warning: contains strong language, implied sex, suicide and other triggering themes. Thread with caution.] It starts with you and me in a gutter just where the last battle ended in our collective defeat The rain covering us in promises comforting … Continue reading

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Parasite (A love story)

[Sensitivity warning: contains strong language, slight gore, implied sex, suicide, angst material in general.]  I see you coming. Your figure blurred in the rain. I’m lying in a pool of water down the street, wrapped in a white cloth. Shaking … Continue reading

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Purgatorium part 2, Oronar

    ”You shouldn’t have come here.” OneWinged’s heart beat more intensely by each second. She knew the appearance of the satyress could mean one thing only. Something was wrong. Very wrong. ”If anyone sees you here…” she murmured in … Continue reading

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